QT4-12A (double proportion) type full automatic block forming machine

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Company: Yinan county QiZhi machinery

Keywords: Automatic block making machine   /   Baking free brick machine   /   Fire free brick machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • the body adopts thick wall square tube and super long guide bushing to ensure that the body is strong, earthquake resistant and pressure head.
  • vibration sub separation technology, strengthen the vibration support plate, and install the side pressure head, and absorb shock rubber pad.
  • use PLC induction intelligent control system, program interlock, reliable operation.
  • adopt imported hydraulic solenoid valve to ensure reliable operation of hydraulic system and low failure rate.
  • Easy to operate and durable

Product Details

Main technical parameters: 

  1. the maximum size of the platform: 7100*1700*2610mm 

  2. rated pressure: 16MPA 

  3. vibration frequency: 4600 times / fraction 

  4. plate size: 960*550mm 

  5. molding cycle: 15-25 seconds / times

  6. total power: 25.7kw