Application of automatic fire free brick machine (QT4-15S block molding machine)

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Intelligent PLC control, human-machine interface, automatic fault diagnosis.
  • A cloth distribution system with multiple rows of mixing forks can quickly and evenly discharge material into the mold box.
  • By changing the abrasive tools, all kinds of blocks and bricks can be produced.
  • The material supply is controlled by computer to avoid internal pressure caused by external factors.
  • Ensure uniformity of material and minimize product strength error.

Product Details

Main technical parameters:

Maximum size of the machine: 3800*1800*2800mm

Rated pressure: 18-20MPA

Main vibration form: platform vibration

Vibration frequency: 4100 / sub

Plate size: 850*550*30mm

Molding cycle: 12-18 seconds / times

Total power: 14.7kw