Application of automatic fire free brick machine (QT4-15S block molding machine)

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Intelligent PLC control, man-machine interface, automatic fault diagnosis and proportional control of power supply fluid for vibration system are adopted to realize low-frequency feeding and high-frequency vibration molding.
  • Installation of multi-row stirring fork distribution system, can quickly and evenly discharge materials into the mold box, through the replacement of abrasive tools, can produce a variety of blocks, standard bricks. Porous brick, grass brick, etc
  • The annual production of standard brick blocks of 40 thousand cubic meters is an ideal equipment for the production of new wall materials.
  • The material supply is controlled by the computer to avoid the internal pressure caused by the external influence of the material, ensure the uniformity of the material, so that the product strength error is very small.
  • The correct operation method can effectively improve product quality and ensure safety in production.

Product Details

Main technical parameters:

Maximum size of the machine: 3800*1800*2800mm

Rated pressure: 18-20MPA

Main vibration form: platform vibration

Vibration frequency: 4100 / sub

Plate size: 850*550*30mm

Molding cycle: 12-18 seconds / times

Total power: 14.7kw

Matters needing attention:

In order not to affect the production efficiency, some safe operation processes are the problems that need to be paid more attention to. First, the operator should strictly observe the operation process of safety production when the machine is in production. The machine needs to cut off the power supply when the machine is not working or overhauling, and the operator needs to be familiar with the working principle of the machine. And work procedure, non professional operator prohibit operation modification equipment, machine prohibit long time empty load vibration operation, correct operation method can improve product quality effectively, guarantee safe production.