Precautions for installation of Shandong board machine

2018-07-30 14:18:03 168

As the standard equipment of the fire free brick machine, the top board machine has formally entered the market operation. Through the questionnaire and adjustment of the consumer, the effect repercussions are good, and it has become the standardized equipment for brick machines in all parts of the country. However, the production efficiency and safety of the machine can not be separated from the correct installation method, we come to understand the next installation of the machine needs to pay attention to what problems.

The upper board manufacturers need to pay more attention when installing the machine. The correct installation can ensure the normal operation of the machine.1. When the brick machine and mixer are installed in one line, the side-feeding plate is used, while the brick machine and mixer are placed vertically, the back-feeding plate is used.2. when installing the board, it is necessary to confirm that the cloth cylinder or other cloth moving mechanism is not above the bracket, so as not to affect the lower plate. If there is an impact, a moving board or a plate feeder will be adopted.3. when installing the top plate machine, the square tube with fixed chain wheel position ahead can not touch the belt conveyor. It is necessary to make sure that the position of the forklift truck and the hydraulic transfer car should be used conveniently. In the case of possible conditions, the position of the board next to the board is so large as possible so that it is convenient for the placement of the plate.

It is necessary to pay more attention to the installation of the board machine. The proper installation of the machine directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of the machine. Therefore, the correct installation method is particularly important.